To better cater to modern intralogistics applications, EP presents the optimized generation design of the lithium powered EFL series for its robustness, ergonomics, and flexibility.

Built on the T8 IC truck chassis and equipped with a streamlined design counterweight, the new generation of the EFL series features better durability and greater maneuverability in confined spaces. For ergonomic considerations, EP upgraded the LCD display to consolidate essential truck information at one glance, which ensures ample workspace and an easy driving experience. The overhead guard is given structional support for cabin installation, offering better flexibility to meet dealers’ needs.

The new EFL series also keeps pace with every application need especially challenges posed by rugged environments or tight work shifts. The S version demonstrates greater performance to demanding tasks and high utilization.




The new generation of the EFL series delivers high performance in various applications, like in beverage, logistics, construction and other industries, indoors or outdoors. To cope with all-weather conditions, the overhead guard is fully upgraded for usage of a cabin. Thanks to opportunity charging, this lithium powered truck is able to manage multi working shifts.