Satellite Racking System

Satellite, also known as Pallet Shuttle system, is a semi-auto-mated system that stores and retrieves pallets from multiple deep racking using a remote controlled MiT – Satellite Radio System carrier shuttle. Pallets move on a carrier shuttle that sits on rails installed onto the racking system, thereby allowing for easy back and forth retrievals.
This semi-automated storage system does not require the forklift to enter lanes for storing and retrieval, reducing the handling time and the risk of accident or damage to the racking structure. The Pallet Shuttle system offers a compact storage solution that reduces operating costs and improves performance in the supply chain.


  • Suitable for high SKUs and high density product storage
  • Operate on both ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) and ‘First In First Out’ (FIFO) principle
  • Maximises the use of available space in terms of both area and height
  • Load capacity up to 1,000kg per pallet