The F Series

At EP Equipment, we know that every customer is different.

EP Equipment is leading a change with our application-oriented design as we announce the F series, a unique electric pallet truck series allowing users to choose the right chassis based on his specific application.

All of these trucks share the same operation platform to optimize production and offer the best prices in the market as well as a simplified service solution for our partners all over the world.



Why F Series?

4 Chassis

F series features the platform F, which simplifies the configuration of the truck and allows buyers to choose from 4 different chassis by application. The product design provides value and creates a flexible product strategy by introducing new equipment that meets various market requirements.

4 Units per Box

4 units per box as standard wholesale supply reduces overall spending through the entire distribution process from shipping, storage and handling to delivery. Take F4 as an example – F4 accommodates 176 units in a 40’ shipping container compared to 108 units of EPT12-EZ, that can reach as high as 30-40% of ocean freight charges reduction.