EFL Series releases a new generation, EFL702/1002 7.0/10.0Ton Li-ion electric forklift, to fill the vacancy of large ton and send shockwaves through the traditional diesel market. By replacing the diesel engine with 80V/820AH Li-ion battery, the EFL702/1002 is able to cover handling duty in any application with declined maintenance costs and increased user friendliness. Users can choose single three-phase charger or dual one-phase chargers to meet their working shifts. The EFL702/1002 conforms to the requirements of sustainable development, with carbon emission reduced and energy efficiency improved.




The EFL702/1002 comes with a strong chassis, offering great durability. With its load capacity of 7.0/10.0 tons and fork positioner option, it becomes a helping hand in logistics, construction, production, yard work, and other heavy industries.