Flow Rack / Pallet Live Storage System

Flow Rack/Pallet Live Storage System are compact structures which have built-in rollers on each beam level of the racking system, resulting in moving the stored items to the picker. This type of system is suitable for use across many business sectors mainly in stationery, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and music industries to name a few. Operating on the principle ‘First in First Out’ (FIFO), the combination possibilities are endless from small parts to palletised, or even combining this with an integrated conveyor belt/drive to maximise picking options.
The system uses the conveyor rollers of the highest standards ensuring durability and reliability. It comes complete with entry guides, pallet separators, brake rollers and end-stops. This system is also ideal for usage in cold rooms which offer FIFO operations and high density storage.


  • Suitable For High Density Storage
  • Stock Rotation – Friendly
  • Fast Picking Rate
  • High Durability And Reliability
  • Reduces Energy Cost For Cold Room Operations
  • Decreases The Possibility Of Product Damage




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