The WPL202 is a lithium powered pedestrian pallet truck with load capacity of 2.0 ton, ideal for goods transportation in confined and congested spaces. It demonstrates an ultra-slim design, with the chassis length 170mm shorter than EPT20-20WA, which brings better maneuverability and freight costs reduction. The WPL202 is equipped with 24V100Ah Li-ion battery and 24V30A integrated charger and effectively boost productivity due to opportunity charging. The upgraded castor wheels increase stability during walking on uneven roads and ramps. Additionally, it offers an option for customers who need to operate in refrigerated warehouses.




The WPL202 excels with its short chassis length 470mm, which makes it a perfect truck-mounted tool for loading and unloading lorries for retail, beverage, food and logistics industries. The operator can also take advantages of this compact and maneuverable truck to transport pallets along narrow aisles in small to medium production bases or construction sites. Besides, the WPL202 is available for horizontal transportation in refrigerated warehouses as an option.